MANifesto is a movement for today's professional man. It is a community that inspires the good man to be great by being 1% better everyday in all aspects of life. It offers tools, tips and confidence to help you maximize your career and business, create life balance, be a better man, dad, husband, friend, boss, peer or any other role you identify with.

MANifesto is not for the guy that needs to be “fixed.”
This movement is for the good man that wants to be great.


I want you to know that you can have an amazing life full of joy, love, success and happiness. You can be successful not just at work but at home too. Balance is the key to being a powerful boss, a great dad, an awesome husband, or just a very successful man. You only get one shot at life so I challenge you to join this movement and step up your game to be your best self so you can live your best life!



On a scale of 1–10, how great are you in each category of your life?    Remember that none of us are perfect so be honest with yourself.  

Professionally—Are you a great boss or employee?

Relationships—Are you a great husband or boyfriend?

Parenting—Are you a great Dad?

Life—Are you great at balancing work and life?

Health—Are you great at taking care of yourself?

Overall—Are you living the fullest, happiest, most successful life for YOU?

Why you should join The Manifesto movement

Whether you gave yourself a 10 on all the questions above or not, every great man knows that they can always be better. If you are interested in gaining new tools to improve your relationships (at work or home), be a better dad, create more success, learn how to balance life then this movement is for you! It is a personal challenge for you to step up and take ownership of yourself, your actions and to choose to be 1% better every single day.



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"Empowering. Eye-Opening. Emotionally available. This program will make you better despite how good you are (or think you are) doing."

2017 Participant

"Christie has a gift to call people on their B.S. at the exact right moment. She knows how to manage the ego so well that you don't take offense when she calls you out you are empowered and inspired to be better."

2017 Participant

"I am surprised how much I walked away with. This program taught me to own my value which gave me the confidence to speak up and explain my thoughts better. I am a better coach and offer much more value to my team and family now that I know how to communicate my truth."

2018 Participant

"Christie's ability to control a large group of men talking about their feelings is truly a super power. I've had myself, and witnessed others, experience several, "ah ha" moments that's helped us recognize our short comings or areas of improvement to create new behaviors so we can be better at life."

2017 Participant

"I realized I lived up to the stereotypical man, I put up walls and shut people out when I didn't understand my feelings. This program will teach you a weakness, a strength or just help you understand the impact you have on another person. "

2017 Participant


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