The Mindful Choice Leadership Academy is for creative entrepreneurs, successful community leaders, and startup business owners looking to step up their leadership, maximize their team's results, communicate more effectively, and create a work life balance.

The Leadership Academy is designed to to develop leaders
in five strategic areas:
(1) self-awareness, (2) communication, (3) collaboration,
(4) alignment, and (5) accountability.

"Christie has a deep level of experience as a business coach, and it shows. She has a tremendous ability to cut through to the heart of a matter, and understand what needs to change to get big results."
John Corcoran, Co-Founder of Rise 25

Outcomes for this program include:

  • The self-awareness needed to know what you do, why you do it, and how to change it to be more successful at work and home
  • Own the value, wisdom and worth you bring to your organization, team, family and world around you 
  • Manage your ego and lead from your most powerful self
  • Understand your reactive tendencies when work and life get stressful or chaotic
  • Communicate more effectively at work and home
  • Build more meaningful relationships
  • Be a better coach and mentor to your team, your family and your world
  • Delegate effectively to buy yourself more time
  • Get out of the problem solve roller coaster mindset and proactively create your outcomes
  • Be more productive and learn to prioritize your time so you actually have more time at the end of your days
  • Create work life balance so you can be successful at work and life
You will walk away from this program with the ability to control your own mind and emotions which allows you to speak your truth, lead with integrity, and stand by your own values.

Here is what's included:

  • Six (6) months of individual and group coaching, support, peer collaboration, and accountability

  • The Leadership Circle Assessment - a tool that identifies how you think you show up in your world versus the perspective of others and how they see you showing up

  • 90-minute TLC Results Debrief to create a six-month development plan with specific goals and actions you'd like to accomplish

  • Two (2), hours of Monthly Individual Coaching Sessions to discuss everyday topics, concerns, and situations to help you change your approach, behaviors, and relationships in real time, while accomplishing the goals you set for the program.

  • A life changing experience that will help you be a better leader at work and in your life

"Christie really understands Corporate Culture, Sales, and how to work with people. She is quick to see the unspoken factors at play and offers insightful solutions for a variety of topics. Christie always speaks her truth in an open, honest and direct manner that is easy to understand. "

Alicia H.
Director International Payments

"Christie is like a laser and focuses in on the deep issue that may be holding someone back. I appreciate her leadership style because it is direct and caring at the same time. She is an asset to any person or organization."

Dr. Jeremy Wiesz
Co-Founder Rise 25

"In the last six months I have gained much more self-awareness and confidence. Christie helped me to be a better listener, stick to my values and hold my integrity in hard times, manage my stress which helped me to be less reactive with my direct reports when things went south, and most importantly I improved my coaching skills with my team. This program works, everyone should give it a try."

Matthew L.
Project Manager

"This program taught me how to handle personalities not just people. What a huge gift! I have improved my relationships at work and home."

Jason T.
Director of Sales


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"Christie has deep experience as a business coach, and it shows. She has a tremendous ability to cut through to the heart of a matter, and understand what needs to change to produce big results."

John Corcoran
Co-Founder of Rise 25

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Mindful Choice stands behind all of their products. If you are not finding value from this program after 60 days of showing up and participating in the activities and coaching calls we will happily refund 100% of your money.