The Leadership Academy is designed to help managers, leaders, and business owners step up their leadership, improve their impact and maximize their results. This is achieved through self-awareness, ownership, communication, alignment and accountability to be better for your team, your family, and your community. 



The Manifesto Adventure Retreat is an experience that will help the good man be great. It is a weekend full of mental, physical, and emotional challenges that require ownership, self-awareness, and the desire to be 1% better everyday.                                                                                                                                        



Christie specializes in fast growing organizations to help management and leadership teams intentionally create a positive impact and achieve the results they desire while managing the stress and chaos that comes along with a growing company.                                                                                               



I’m Christie Garcia, leadership coach, speaker, facilitator, and founder of Mindful Choice. I am committed to helping you to take ownership of your life and take your leadership to the next level. We only get one shot at this crazy thing called life, my personal goal is to make sure you leave your legacy and maximize your impact while you are here.



I work with individuals and organizations to maximize their human collateral. My company Mindful Choice isn't just a name, its a deep seeded ethos. It's a belief system for leadership development that is built around the core of an individual's self-awareness. A solution that creates ownership, power, and choice to change and improve one's impact through communication, thoughts and actions.


Be the first to know about new tools, inspiration and courses to help you maximize your career, step up your leadership, have more meaningful relationships, and live your fullest life. 

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A few companies I have had the pleasure of working with:

"Christie demonstrates a sense of deep understanding and care for her clients. She helps to identify what is most important to you and then is great at putting together a plan, creating clear next steps, and holding people accountable to accomplishing what matters most. She has a bright positive demeanor that looks toward the future to identify best outcomes and scenarios."

Andrew S.
Creative Director

"Christie has a willingness to always be positive and actually give people tools on how to get there. It's not just a hollow "think positive" cliché', it's more think positive and this is how you get there. For someone such as myself that views the world sometimes through "rose colored glasses" I find this perspective very insightful and encouraging."

Kyler N.
Training Manager

"Christie has a way of calling me out when I'm not fully engaged in the conversation and she helps me to see when my body language is telling a different story than my words. My favorite part of working with Christie is how she makes me look in a mirror at the end of each day and think about if I'm really being the person I want to be."

Max C.
Project Manager

"Christie is a very strong communicator and is not afraid to get to the tuff questions and responses while keeping you intrigued and wanting to perform at a higher level."

Jonathon T.
VP Business Operations

"When I think of Christie the word Sizzle comes to mind - there is an electricity, aliveness, high vibration to her…dynamic, genuine charisma. She lights up and electrifies a room."

Helen S.
Regional Sales Manager